Vanacom solutions to your problems.

Everyone have some or the other problems. It is okay to have problems, problems are part of our lives. Actual problem is when we don’t have any solution to a problem.

So, here’s a website which will provide you with answers/ solutions to your problems.

Your problem can be anything, any question, like-

What to wear, which colour?

Which field to choose?

Whom to tell, when u don’t wanna share with your parents and friends?

What to do if facing domestic violence?

Whom to trust among your friends?

What to do when u don’t know how to dance?

How to react to a particular situation?

Which solution to choose when facing a confusing situation?

What qualities should be in me?

What should I change in myself and how?

What hairstyle should I carry for the party?

What to gift mom and dad on their anniversary, what to gift sister on her birthday?

Whether to join gym at this age or not?

It can be any, all you need to do is mail me  your problems/questions, instead of carrying the burden by your own. Share it up, nobody is going to know !! Release your stress!! Feel free to speak!! Share your feelings share your thoughts freely without any hesitation, no one here is going to judge you. Come out of your fear!! Don’t be afraid of anybody!! This is your life!! It is in your hand to improve it and not in others hand!! Stop blaming yourself if something wrong happens!! Have a happy life!! 


Mail me your problem/query/ question along with your name and age, you can give any other detail according to your wish (school/college/ office name) (single/married) (alone child or not) (birthdate) 

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